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Jamie Hindley

Jamie is a dedicated wife and Mom to 4 wonderful kids.  She grew up in Northern California, but her family relocated to Arizona in 2017.  She used to be a business owner when she ran her flower shop in Ferndale CA.  After moving, she decided to get back into insurance and help protect families from unexpected medical bills and final expenses.  After working for one company explicitly (and having to tell people they didn't qualify) Jamie set out to be an independent agent/broker that has access to a multitude of companies.  She can then focus on the client and their specific needs.  

Jamie Hindley Independent Life and Health Broker

Free Insurance Assistance

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Our Mission

Jamie focuses on helping seniors, retired, disabled, and veterans every day.  She uses only the best, most reputable, and cost-effective insurance companies in the market.  Each person's situation is different, and she will strive to get the best products for you.  

Charges and Fees

Since Jamie is an Independent Agent, she works for her clients and not the insurance companies.  She will present all of the best products for her client's needs and allow them to make the choice for themselves.   Rest assured, there is no charge or fee associated with her recommendations or purchase. The insurance companies will pay her.

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